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"palmemories" is a classical series which I began shooting during different trips outside of my home country Austria. Palms are not native plants there, so I have always associated them with far, exotic places and therefor as a sign for luxury of travel. Today they are not only seen in their natural (sub)tropean areas, as they are planted all over the world. Technical knowledge is not the only reason that they are able to be grown everywhere -- climate change makes it possible to grow palms naturally also in places like Austria. 

doN't worry - it's just a fly
Some hidden soul of things
cars & Dogs

Cars and Dogs is a streetphotography series. Most of the pictures are spontaneous snapshots, which have a focus on a moment in time. Cars as objects are able to show the state of art of a current decade. Therefor they are suitable to show time like in a very close view, because cars are omnipresent. Their designs are vastly changing but are happening slow enough, that you can see their differences year by year. On the streets you find a mix of different aged cars, modern and past, old and new, retro and vintage. These cars contrast their sorrounding area, architecture, people and of course the pictures themselves, which also age each day after the shoot. 

Beside Cars I love to focus on Dogs, which are also a state of the art as a daily "Object". They are trend, they are young and cute, old and frail, but completely unaware of these attributes given to them by humans.

one hour lake

This project is about the lake Traunsee. I tried to catch its habits, its different surface structures determined by waves, birds, fish, air and wind, moon and its innerself. All of these elements build the surface of lake Traunsee. A cutout of this series is shown in the book "SALZ, SEEN, LAND", published by Prestel.